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Welcome To Delta! We are a leveling/raiding/pvp guild. Quickly growing and progressing. Cataclysm has brought  new changes for our guild!  Our rules are simple no cussing out of control in guild chat or stealing. Please make use of the guild vault. Be responsible and respectful to your fellow players. IF you need help ask! We look forward to leveling with you and getting to know you so please feel free to chat it up in Guild chat. We are not gear snobs and we like variety. Currently looking for active members to have FUN.

Feel free to contact us in-game if interested in joining or drop us a line here.

Check out our Facebook also

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Raid Tryouts

anarilas, Oct 16, 11 3:05 PM.
 Ladies and Gentlemen it is exactly what it sounds like!! Here is what we are doing here. If you want to raid check your calender for my scheduled events. These events are set to see where you stand and what needs to be worked on. All are welcome to come. Their comes a warning with this though.. As some already know who have ran with me. I'm here for you! which means you come on these runs and I help you fine tune your toon! It is up to you if you listen or not though.. This is to judge where you stand as far as being raid ready. So before you sign up to run these ZA / ZG's when they are up let me lay down some ground rules.

Want to read more sign up and check out the forums.

Raid BC

anarilas, Oct 4, 11 7:12 PM.
Just want to say thanks to all that came out to help us get another BC raid achievement done. Was easy and would like to see more if able. I'll keep on putting up stuff in game to see who wants to join. If you have a particular night that you would prefer let me know and we will see about switching it to that night if we get enough people for that one night.

Once again thank you.

Bot Bosses

anarilas, Sep 26, 11 9:02 PM.

WE ARE LIVE 9/20/11

anarilas, Sep 20, 11 8:23 PM.
We are live online getting ready to star pushing forward with the guild. We are going to start hitting a raid every week if able. Of course some kinks will have to get worked out. Let me know what days we are able to get the most bodies up for raiding.
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